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Tripartite event, Italy

Tripartite event Italy

The Ministry of University and Research promotes the first Italian Tripartite Assembly for the European Open Science Cloud: ITAEOSC-2023

The European Open Science Cloud will be the internet of high-quality scientific data and services benefiting, as a public good, research and innovation in Europe.

The EOSC is jointly governed by the European Commission, the Member States/Associate Countries through the EOSC-Steering Board, and the Stakeholders through the EOSC-Association. Such tripartite governance under Horizon Europe continuously elaborates and updates the strategic agenda and annual roadmap for the construction of EOSC. 

The Piano Nazionale Scienza Aperta is the reference for the Open Data policy and for the Italian contribution to EOSC. Its timely implementation requires a concerted action plan.

Aim of the event is providing information on opportunities and identifying coherent goals for all doers of the Italian research, with emphasis on the PNRR engagement and national data infrastructure. 

The Italian Tripartite Assembly will mirror and expand the scope of the EOSC governance in Italy and foster an effective and sustainable contribute to EOSC by engaging the competences of the Government, research infrastructures, research performing organisations, academies, data and computing infrastructures as well as the research community of all disciplines.



The morning session (10:30-13:30), will start with messages from the Tripartite governance: Minister of Research and Education and MUR DG Internationalization of Research, European Commission, EOSC Association, EOSC Steering Board. The session will continue with a round table of EOSC Doers on the ongoing and prospective actions toward the fulfillment of the PNSA. The invited “Doers” will include presidents of research performing organizations and other institutions highly engaged in the PNRR 100% digital initiatives, the academic community, and the Italian research-evaluation authority.

The afternoon session (15:00 -17:30), will involve the national research community to discuss the PNSA implementation and the synergies with EOSC. Representatives of ongoing initiatives contributing to the objectives of this plan will be invited to share their experiences, highlight lessons learned, identify elements for a coherent action towards the implementation of Open Science in Italy. 


In addition to the morning speakers invited participants correspond to the following main profiles: 

  • Representatives of Ministries involved
  • Representatives of the EU Commission 
  • Representatives of the EOSC-Association 
  • Representatives of the EOSC Board 
  • Presidents of RPOs and Rectors  
  • Representatives of PNRR-funded projects  
  • Researchers operating actively in the implementation of the Open Science approach 
  • Knowledge brokers acting “in-between” policy and research organisations 

Programme Committee

  • Monique Bossi (INFN)
  • Donatella Castelli (CNR)
  • Roberto Cimino (MUR)
  • Ute Gunsenheimer (EOSC-A)
  • Marialuisa Lavitrano (Univ. Milano Bicocca)
  • Giorgio Rossi (Univ. di Milano)

Organizing Committee

  • Giorgio Bartoccioni (CNR)
  • Isabel Caetano (EOSC-A) 
  • Giovanni De Simone (CNR) 
  • Irene Modolo (CNR) 
  • Gina Pavone (CNR)
  • Catherine Bosio (CNR)